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Kettle Corn Jar Candle, 8 oz

*Kettle Corn Jar Candle, 8 oz

Item: GBC3150
Price: $ 11.59
The sweet scent of sugary popcorn is perfect for every room in your country home!  The Kettle Corn Jar Candle is exactly what you need to fill your home with the sweet scent of kettle corn. The 8 oz. candle is made from clean-burning wax in the and has a burn time of approximately 40-50 hours.

Kettle Corn Jar Candle, 16 oz

Kettle Corn Jar Candle, 16oz
Item: GBC3152
Cranberry Nut Jar Candle, 8 oz

Cranberry Nut Jar Candle, 8oz
Item: GBC183
1821 Jar Candle, 8 oz

1821 Jar Candle, 8oz
Item: GBC24
Sugar Cone Jar Candle, 8 oz

*Sugar Cone Jar Candle, 8oz
Item: GBC3113
Brown Sugar Jar Candle, 8 oz

Brown Sugar Jar Candle, 8oz
Item: GBC4
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