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4" LED Timer Pillar

4" LED Timer Pillar

Item: GG33548
Price: $ 12.69
Our Everlasting Glow Pillar has a flickering LED, for a warm candle glow without the flames. The resin candle has a wax coating and is worry free. The built-in timer switches the candle on for five hours and shuts it off automatically for 19. It will relight at the same time every day! It uses 3 "AAA" batteries which are included. It can be switched on and off manually if you desire. It is 4-1/2" tall and has a 3" diameter. It can be used indoors or out.

6" LED Timer Pillar

6" LED Timer Pillar
Item: GG33549
4.5" Burnt  Ivory Timer Pillar

4.5" Burnt Ivory Timer Pillar
Item: G84030
Ivory Drip Pillar, 4"

4" Ivory Drip Pillar
Item: G84094
5" Mason Jar Timer Candle

5" Mason Jar Timer Candle
Item: GXDS15166
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