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Chunky Snowman Head Orn, 1.5"

Item: GJHX8981
Price: $ 1.99
You are going to want to fill your entire tree with Chunky Snowman Head Ornaments, they are just that adorable!  The wood ornament has a cute smiling face with pink cheeks, and the carrot nose is made from orange corrugated metal.  The ornament hangs on a thin wire loop that is accented with a gingham bow.  It is 1½" in diameter by 1" deep.  It is also available in a 2" size, check related products below.


Chunky Snowman Head Orn, 2"
Item: GJHX8980

Snowman Wood Spoon, 8"
Item: GJHX8979

Chunky Snowman Head Orn, 3.5"
Item: GJHX8978
Sale $2.49
3/Set, Snowman Clip Ornaments

3/Set, Snowman Clip Ornaments
Item: G55084
Snowman Head Pin

Snowman Head Pin
Item: G18940

*Snowman Slice Pin
Item: G33517K

Snowkid At Play Ornament
Item: GCHD295
Christmas Sweater Ornament

Christmas Sweater Ornament
Item: G33785
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