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Country Christmas Oval Tin With Lid

Item: G60135
Price: $ 16.25
This down-to-earth Country Christmas Tin has a charming hat box quality to it and is a perfect addition to the vintage Christmas celebration. You could even use it to wrap a gift for someone special. It comes with a lid that has a rusty handle. It is 8¼" high by 7¼" wide and 5" deep.  Please note that this is for decorative use only.


Country Christmas Pitcher
Item: G60134
North Pole Post Box

*North Pole Post Box
Item: G15BC099C
Believe Glitter Sign

Believe Glitter Sign
Item: GJHA1029A
Bell & Burgundy Pip Pick

Bell & Burgundy Pip Pick
Item: FISB13925
7/set, Believe Burlap Blocks

7/set, Believe Burlap Blocks
Item: GJHX8897

Canadian Pine Spray, 12"
Item: FRC1026
LED Votive - Ivory

Ivory LED Votive
Item: G84049
Red/Green Mini Pip Ring, 1-1/2"

1.5" Red/Green Mini Pip Ring
Item: FT2600RG
Teeny Lights,  Green Cord, 35ct

Teeny Lights, Green Cord, 35ct
Item: MLT3516
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