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2/Set, Open Air Lanterns

Item: GQC92524
Price: $ 72.59
The Open Air Lanterns are a cool and unique way to display votive or pillar candles. The metal lanterns are gray and lightly distressed with a rusty finish which gives it a charming farmhouse feel. Each lantern has a holder for a votive or pillar candle of your choice to be perfectly put on display! Display them on your table or you can hang them from the metal ring at the top of each lantern. Each lantern has an easy to open hinged door so you can place your candles, florals, rings, etc. inside. The larger size lantern measures 17½" high by 9½" wide and has a 4½ holder. The smaller lantern measures 11" high by 6½" wide with a 3½" holder. (candles and florals not included.)


Vintage Scale Calendar
Item: G65056
Black Star Candle Lantern

Black Star Candle Lantern
Item: GCA55
Wispy Grass Ring, 14"

Wispy Grass Ring, 14"
Item: FISB50633
Ivory Remote Pillar, 4"

4" Ivory Remote Pillar
Item: G84281
Ivory Drip Pillar, 6"

6" Ivory Drip Pillar
Item: G84096
Star Iron Lantern w/ Taper

*Star Iron Lantern w/ Taper
Item: G46343

2/Set, Railroad Lanterns
Item: G60037
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