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Vintage Flag Timer Taper - Burnt Ivory

6" Burnt Ivory Vintage Flag Timer Taper

Item: G84506
Price: $ 8.99
 Display your patriotisim with the Vintage Flag Timer Taper! The battery-operated wax taper features an image of an American flag along with a built-in timer that allows it to glow for six hours, and then turn off for 18. It is 6" high and requires two AA batteries, which are not included.

Timer Taper 9" - Burnt Ivory

9" Burnt Ivory Timer Taper
Item: G84041
Burgundy 6"  Timer Taper

6" Burgundy Timer Taper
Item: G84056
Burnt Mustard Burlap/Star Timer Taper

6" Burnt Mustard Burlap w/Star Timer Taper
Item: G84116
Iron Taper Holder, 3"

Iron Taper Holder, 3"
Item: G46218
Star Handle Taper Holder, Black

Star Handle Taper Holder, Black
Item: G9329B
Courting Taper Pan,  Rusty

Courting Taper Pan, Rusty
Item: G11445R
Flower Taper Holder Rusty

Rusty Flower Taper Holder
Item: G11444R
1.5" Colonial Mix Pip Ring

Mini Pip Berry Ring, Colonial Mix, 1.5"
Item: FT2600CO
1.5" Old Gold Mini Pip Ring

1.5" Old Gold Mini Pip Ring
Item: FT2600G
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