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+Red Cedar Berry Table Piece

Cedar Berry Table Piece, 9"

Item: FXP77056
Price: $ 6.95
Our faux Red Cedar Berry Table Piece is a Christmas staple with its classic look, featuring red berries mixed with cedar pine branches in a rounded, bush-like shape. It has a small flat bottom so it's easy to create a centerpiece or focal point, you can use on a flat surface, add it to an urn, clay pot, or shallow dish. It has a 9” diameter.

+Pepperberry & Cedar Wreath

Pepperberry & Cedar Wreath
Item: FISB37800
Cedar Berry Table Piece, Lg

Cedar Berry Table Piece, 11"
Item: FXP77055
Cedar & Berry Garland, 5 ft.

Cedar & Berry Garland, 5 ft.
Item: FXBR36326

Cream Urn, 3"
Item: GHM5061
Whitewash Willow Basket

*Whitewash Willow Basket
Item: GBW9269
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