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Vintage Edison Bulb, 40W

*Vintage Edison Bulb, 40W

Item: MCLV112
Price: $ 13.69

The Cleveland Vintage Lighting Up/Down Edison Bulb features an up, down filament pattern and slight teardrop shape at the bulb's tip. The Edison style bulb is characterized by a warm glow and winding filaments. This Victorian glass bulb pairs especially well with bare bulb light fixtures and offers lots of character that transforms lighting with its simplistic, vintage charm. It is designed with inspiration from the early 20th century for a nostalgic look. It is a 40 watt bulb.

Small Mouth Jar Adapter

*Small Mouth Jar Adapter
Item: MCLV1021
Wide Canning Jar Lamp Adapter

*Wide Canning Jar Lamp Adapter
Item: MCLV103
Bottle Cork Lamp Adapter

*Bottle Cork Lamp Adapter
Item: MCLV104
4/pk, Edison Nightlight Bulbs, 7W

*4/pk, Edison Nightlight Bulbs, 7W
Item: MCLV110
Round Metal Lampshade

*Round Metal Lampshade
Item: GCLE30399A
Single Socket Cord

*Single Socket Cord
Item: MCLV121
Chicken Wire Dome Shade

*Chicken Wire Dome Shade
Item: GCLE30397A
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