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Snowman Bulb 4W

*Snowball Snowman Bulb

Item: G0141213
Price: $ 10.99
The Snowball Snowman Bulb adds a wintry touch to your lighting! This bulb has been dipped in white silicone and has snowman features. The bulb is 4-watts and measures approximately 2" high. It is handmade in the USA! 

Earmuff Snowman Bulb

Earmuff Snowman Bulb
Item: G0141206
Snowman Bulb

Snowman Bulb
Item: G0141201
Top Hat Snowball Bulb, 4W

Top Hat Snowball Bulb, 4W
Item: G0141212
7" Country Candle Lamp

7" Country Candle Lamp
Item: G6419
5" Country Candle Lamp^^

5" Country Candle Lamp
Item: G520177
Red/Green Mini Pip Ring, 1-1/2"

1.5" Red/Green Mini Pip Ring
Item: FT2600RG
Red/Burgundy Mini Pip Ring, 1-1/2"

1.5" Red/Burgundy Mini Pip Ring
Item: FT2600RB
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