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Double Swirl Edison Bulb, 40W

*Double Swirl Edison Bulb, 40W

Item: MCLV124
Retail: $ 21.69
Sale: $ 8.49
The Double Swirl Edison Bulb will make a unique statement in your light fixture! Characterized by its warm, golden glow and winding filaments, this Edison style light bulb features a double-swirl filament that spirals down the length of the rod. Making a statement on its own, this dramatic, shaped glass bulb pairs especially well with bare bulb light fixtures and offers lots of character that transforms lighting with its simplistic, vintage charm. It is 40 watts. Measures 4.375" x  5.75".

Swirl Edison Bulb, 40W

*Swirl Edison Bulb, 25W
Item: MCLV114
4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, .09W

*4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, .09W
Item: MCLV116
Sale $12.49
6-Tier LED Edison Bulb, 1.3W

*6-Tier LED Edison Bulb, 1.3W
Item: MCLV113
Sale $15.98
Chicken Wire Dome Shade

Chicken Wire Dome Shade
Item: GCLE30397A
Edison Bulb 40 Watt

Edison Bulb 25 Watt
Item: M620546BULB
Vintage Edison Bulb, 40W

Vintage Edison Bulb, 40W
Item: MCLV112
2/pk, 7W Edison Candelabra Bulbs

2/pk, 7W Edison Candelabra Bulbs
Item: MCLV117
4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, 1.7W

4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, 1.7W
Item: MCLV115
10 Socket Light String

*10 Socket Light String
Item: MCLV105
Sale $9.99
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