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Bottle Cork Lamp Adapter

Bottle Cork Lamp Adapter

Item: MCLV104
Price: $ 15.99
Create a one-of-a-kind lamp using a clear or colored wine bottle and our Bottle Stopper Lamp Adapter from Cleveland Vintage Lighting. DIY lamp making has never been easier! It features a rubber cork stopper connected to a black socket with 6 foot cord. Add a lightbulb, shade, and wine bottle to complete this chic and crafty look. Check below for special light bulbs and other related products.

Swirl Edison Bulb, 40W

*Swirl Edison Bulb, 25W
Item: MCLV114
4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, .09W

*4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, .09W
Item: MCLV116
Sale $12.49
Double Swirl Edison Bulb, 40W

*Double Swirl Edison Bulb, 40W
Item: MCLV124
Sale $8.49
Vintage Edison Bulb, 40W

Vintage Edison Bulb, 40W
Item: MCLV112
Wide Canning Jar Lamp Adapter

Wide Canning Jar Lamp Adapter
Item: MCLV103
Small Mouth Jar Adapter

*Small Mouth Jar Adapter
Item: MCLV1021
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