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Burnt Ivory Tealight

Burnt Ivory Tealight

Item: G84036
Price: $ 2.99
 The Burnt Ivory LED Tea Light is a great replacement for a candle tea light, because there is no flame! The LED tea light has a textured, antiqued wax coating and a safe, amber-colored flickering light. It is 1¼" tall (including the bulb). The battery is included. You will find a link to the replacement batteries below, item # M84020.

Burnt Ivory Timer Tealight

^^Burnt Ivory Timer Tealight
Item: G84039
3.5" Burnt  Ivory Timer Pillar

3.5" Burnt Ivory Timer Pillar
Item: G84028
Cinnamon LED Tealight

Burnt Mustard LED Tealight
Item: G84013
Batteries AG13, 8 Pkg

Batteries AG13, 8 Pkg
Item: M84020
LED Votive - Burnt Mustard

LED Votive - Burnt Mustard
Item: G84050
LED Votive - Burnt Ivory

LED Votive - Burnt Ivory
Item: G84048
Flicker Cinnamon Timer Tealight

Flicker Burnt Mustard Timer Tealight
Item: G84350
Flicker  Burnt Ivory Timer Tealight

Flicker Burnt Ivory Timer Tealight
Item: G84351
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