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Burnt Mustard Santa Timer Taper

6" Burnt Mustard Santa Timer Taper

Item: G84141
Price: $ 8.69
The Santa Timer Taper is a wonderful addition to your Christmas decor! The 6" high taper has an LED bulb on a timer that allows the candle to be lit for six hours and off for 18. The image of a rustic Santa Claus is embedded in the grungy wax of this burnt mustard candle.

Iron Taper Holder, 3"

Iron Taper Holder, 3"
Item: G46218
Courting Taper Holder Blk

Black Metal Courting Taper Holder
Item: G11445B
Red/Green Mini Pip Ring, 1-1/2"

1.5" Red/Green Mini Pip Ring
Item: FT2600RG
Burgundy Aged Candle Cup

Burgundy Aged Candle Cup
Item: GCP1000R
Red Mini Pip  Ring, 1"

Mini Pip Berry Ring, Red, 1"
Item: FISB83600R
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