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House w/Pots

*House w/Pots

Item: G33017
Retail: $ 7.69
Sale: $ 3.79
 The House with Pots block makes a great addition to your collection! Made from pressed wood, the house has a smooth finish that features a quaint country home with flower pots decorating the front. It measures 6¼" high by 4½" wide.

Polka Dot Pine Tree, 7-1/2"

*Polka Dot Pine Tree, 7-1/2"
Item: G33014
Sale $2.99
(Simple Joys Tree, 6-3/4")

*Simple Joys Tree, 6-3/4"
Item: G33015
Sale $2.50
(Simply Joys Tree, 6")

*Simple Joys Tree, 6"
Item: G33016
Sale $1.95
Flower Shop House

*Flower Shop House
Item: G33021
Sale $3.79
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