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Grubby Lights - 20 Count

Grubby Silicone Lights, 20ct

Item: MFC20
Price: $ 12.89
Our 20 count Grubby Mini Lights will provide a great accent lights for your primitive decor. The brown silicone dipped lights give off an amber glow when plugged in and have a light cinnamon scent. The cinnamon adds texture and adds to the lights rustic look. The brown cord lights will blend in with all your country decor. There are 20 lights per strand and approx. 8' long with a 4" space between each bulb. They are shown larger than actual size so you can see the detail. The light stand is hand dipped in the US!

Grubby Lights - 50 Count

Grubby Lights - 50 Count
Item: MFC50
35 Grubby Mini Lights, Brown

35 Grubby Mini Lights, Brown
Item: MFC35
Mustard Grubby Lights - 20 Count

Mustard Grubby Silicone Lights, 20ct
Item: MFC20M
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