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4"  Burnt Ivory LED Timer

4" Burnt Ivory LED Timer Taper

Item: G84035
Price: $ 7.79
Our 4" Burnt Ivory LED Timer Taper is a KP Best Seller. It is dipped in ivory wax, then rolled in cinnamon for a layer of grunge that will look perfect with your primitive home decor. The LED taper is a great alternative to a burning candle, no need to worry about an open flame. It needs 1 AA battery, which is not included. To turn it on and off you just tighten or loosen the bottom. It stays on for 6 hours, and goes off automatically for 18 hours.

4" Burnt Ivory Drip Timer

4" Burnt Ivory Drip Timer Taper
Item: G84059
Burnt Ivory Timer Tealight

Burnt Ivory Timer Tealight
Item: G84039
Burgundy Mini Pip Ring, 1-1/2"

Mini Pip Berry Ring, Burgundy, 1.5"
Item: FT2600B
3.5" Burnt  Ivory Timer Pillar

3.5" Burnt Ivory Timer Pillar
Item: G84028
^^Burnt Ivory Timer Taper, 6"

6" Burnt Ivory Timer Taper
Item: G84021
Taper Sconce & Plate Holder

Taper Sconce & Plate Holder
Item: G46052
Star Taper Holder - Black

Black Star Taper Holder
Item: G46335
Bittersweet Ring, 2"/6"

Bittersweet Ring, 2"/6"
Item: FT1201
Flower Taper Holder Rusty

Rusty Flower Taper Holder
Item: G11444R
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