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3" Mustard Timer Pillar

Burnt Mustard Timer Pillar, 3" H x 2" Dia.

Item: G84043
Price: $ 6.99
Our Narrow Burnt Mustard Timer Pillar will add warm, flickering candlelight to your shelves, collectibles or a centerpiece without the danger of an open flame! The battery-operated LED candle has a flame tip and a grungy dark brown wax coating. The built-in timer feature keeps candle lit for 6 hours and off for 18, relighting at the time you first switched it on! It also has traditional on/off settings. It is 3" high (almost 4" with bulb) with a 2" diameter. It requires two "AA" batteries which are not included.


*Flower Candle Mat
Item: G90428
3" Burnt Ivory Timer Pillar

Burnt Ivory Timer Pillar, 3" H x 2" Dia.
Item: G84042

Cypress Pine Taper Ring, 2-1/2"
Item: F22331
3.5" Mustard Timer Pillar

3.5" Burnt Mustard Timer Pillar
Item: G84031
Burnt Mustard Remote Pillar, 4"

4" Burnt Mustard Remote Pillar
Item: G84279
Red Cedar Berries Ring, 2"

Red Cedar Berries Ring, 2"
Item: FXP78131
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