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Cornflower Mason Jar

*Cornflower Mason Jar Hanger

Item: G90145
Price: $ 7.99
The Cornflower Mason Jar Hanger is a sweet springtime accent for your home! It is made from wood cut in the shape of a Mason jar and features a beautiful painted design of cornflowers on the front. It comes with a corrugated metal accent at the top and features a jute bow. It measures 8" high by 4¾" wide and comes with a jute hanger. Display on it's own or create a custom look when you display 2 or 3 together.

Fern Mason Jar

Fern Mason Jar Hanger
Item: G90144
Poppy Mason Jar

*Poppy Mason Jar Hanger
Item: G90146
Flower Garden Sign w/ Rope

*Flower Garden Sign w/ Rope
Item: G90143
Sale $11.99
Blue Heather Table Piece

Blue Heather Table Piece
Item: FFG9097BL
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