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Whitewash Willow Basket

*Whitewash Willow Basket

Item: GBW9269
Price: $ 9.29
The Whitewash Willow Basket makes a beautiful base for foral centerpieces and accents around the home! Display your favorite seasonal florals in this square-shaped basket. You will appreciate its ability to fit into small spaces. It is 7" high by 6" square and comes with a sturdy handle.

Berries Bush, Blue

*Berries Bush, Blue
Item: FDF6015BL
*Green Watering Can - 4"

*Green Watering Can - 4"
Item: GV1143F105CMGN
Sale $4.99

New England Boxwood Half Sphere, 6"
Item: FXP78278

Resin Baby Bunny
Item: GPR8764
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