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4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, 1.7W

*4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, 1.7W

Item: MCLV115
Price: $ 24.99

Inspired by the early 20th century spirit of industry is the new LED Edsion Lightbulb a modern spin on a vintage look bulb.The lightbulb is complete with 4-tiers of warm LED lights that create an illuminated chandelier effect. Making a statement on its own, this glass bulb pairs especially well with bare bulb light fixtures and offers a lot of character that transforms lighting with its simplistic, vintage charm. The bulb has 30 LEDS, a standard base and a total of 1.7 watts. It is 4-1/2" high by 2-1/4" in diameter.

Swirl Edison Bulb, 40W

*Swirl Edison Bulb, 25W
Item: MCLV114
4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, .09W

*4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, .09W
Item: MCLV116
Sale $10.99
6-Tier LED Edison Bulb, 1.3W

*6-Tier LED Edison Bulb, 1.3W
Item: MCLV113
Sale $15.98
Chicken Wire Dome Shade

*Chicken Wire Dome Shade
Item: GCLE30397A
10 Socket Light String

*10 Socket Light String
Item: MCLV105
Sale $9.99
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